Step 1

We Meet to Discuss Your Vision

To reflect your personalized character of style and elegance, we invite you to meet with us at Grimson & Sons for a one on one consultation to discuss your idea and vision.

At this stage we go over your expectations, style & design, centre stone options, materials, and proportions. We really want to focus on creating a piece unique to your aesthetic preference.

Step 2

Full Scale Renderings are Prepared

We love putting pencil to paper to all our designs. At Grimson & Sons we use age old traditions in designing jewelry and by sketching we keep that tradition consistent throughout the whole process.

At this stage a to-scale rendering is developed of your vision for us to review.  We go over further options while getting a hands on feel of what your piece will look like in drawing form. Once approved we advance to approving metals, final gem selection then move into production.

Step 3

Production Starts

At this stage, once your final design is agreed upon, your specialized piece begins to take life as we hand-craft your custom piece.

A Grimson & Sons team member will give you an expected timeline for the completion of your piece and set up an appointment for pick-up. When our clients get to finally see their vision in physical form, it is truly a special moment for everyone.

Step 4

Get an Appraisal

To finalize, Grimson & Sons provides a complimentary expert’s appraisal for your piece. This is not only confirmation of your diamond’s quality, but the materials used, alongside its value and certification for insurance.

Grimson & Sons offers a full certified appraisal service to make sure all of our clients can keep their timeless treasures protected.

Step 5

We're Finished

Finally your dream has come to fruition!

From pencil to paper, gathering the best mix of hand-selected diamonds and preparing the perfect gold blends, you can trust Grimson and Sons to make your vision a reality.

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